James Lassen: Paintings and Drawings
Portrait of DevonThe Unknown YouNo More StrangersExpect No MercyThe Artist Warily Peeking at Unfamiliar PlacesUnfamiliar Places: Backyard Bike PathUnfamiliar Places: Sound BarrierUnfamiliar Places: Monty WardUnfamiliar Places: Clear ForkUnfamiliar Places: Ghostly HouseUnfamiliar Places: Gravity Defying House(untitled)(untitled)Daydream Defeater
Charcoal is a great release, an escape from the trappings of painting. I used the medium for at least a year after working forever on a painting I didn't like. The looseness of the medium is its greatest virtue and I feel I can experiment a lot with charcoal when the work calls for it. I'm likely going to use the medium to augment the Textual Healing series, but I originally planned on doing a big drawing series called "No More Strangers" about the decline of social institutions.