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To anyone visiting this site, I'm taking a break from the art scene. I'll update in the future when I've got new work or new events to post about. Thanks for looking! There is still a ton of older work to look at.

The work I make depicts my world from an observational standpoint, and since the majority of my thought processes involve how I relate to people, social interaction has developed into a consistent theme for my paintings. From situations such as dealing with co-workers to grieving over tragedy, social interaction always plays a part in the situation. I'm drawn to the smaller and seemingly less important ideas, such as waiting impatiently in line or talking on cellphones. Painting such scenes helps me deal with my own mixed feelings. I focus carefully on facial expressions and body language, keeping in mind how all of the figures communicate with each other as well as with the viewer. Brush strokes and color engage in a similar interaction, forming their own strong opinions and intensifying situations beyond what real life has to offer. The formal elements can be as calm or energetic as they need to be, much like people's personalities. At first, human behavior would seem easy to understand because of language and our ability to reason with one another . I find that such communication and interaction only provide us with more questions, thus requiring a deeper investigation. For the audience, I offer little monuments that show just how many mixed emotions even the slightest glance can conjure.