James Lassen: Paintings and Drawings
New work! And the final realization of older work!
With the upcoming Textual Healing exhibition, I'm finally able to display some work the way I always intended. All 20 Icons are now displaying against a photographic backdrop of a giant phone, and the "Like Us, Follow Us" paintings have their furnishing elements to really make their message hit home. Also, "Generation i" is completed, which is the first I've ever done to feature video. You can see all of these works in the "Textual Healing" section of the site.

New(ish) drawing and solo show press release
I uploaded the new show press release plus key dates and times, and I uploaded the last marker/pen sketch I did last Fall. I totally forgot to upload it! Well, better late than never.
4 new pretty major works uploaded 10/15/14
The upcoming Textual Healing show gets a major boost today with new works being uploaded to the series. The 3 paintings that will make up the "Like Us, Follow Us" installation have been uploaded minus their accompanying installation elements.
I also uploaded a new large drawing to the same section. It's called "Deleted Messages Deleted People," and will be the most personal piece in the show. Hope you enjoy them!
Fall Gallery Night 2014 happenings! And a new painting!
Hello, looks like fall gallery night is this Saturday 9/6. I'll be showing in 2 locations:
1) 2911 Race St. with the Fort Worth Art Collective
2) Fort Worth Community Arts Center (Preservation show)

Should be fun! There should be a little something new at either location just so you know. I won't spoil any surprises, but if you REALLY want me to, email me!

Oh and a new painting called "City of Cowboys and Pop Culture" was added to the various section of paintings. You can guess what it's about. Enjoy!
new drawings, and more paintings to come soon
2 new sketches are uploading in the drawings>ink folder. It is my belief that they're pretty good, minus a little proportion issue in one figure's arm and another figure's slight cross-eyed tendency.
I also have a bunch of photos of small paintings to upload. Those should be ready soon, within the next week.

2 new shows!
1. Art7
group show with Fort Worth Art Collective
May 3rd through 30th
reception: May 3rd 6-8pm
I have 2 Textual Healing paintings up; Icon Collage and The Expert

2. Irving Arts Center
Texas and Neighbors juried competition
May 10th through June 7th
reception: May 11th 2-5pm (Mother's Day, wtf?)
I have the Textual Healing Possible Realities painting in this show.

Hope you all can make it to one these showings!
New sketch
There's a new drawing in the "ink" section. It's a small typing paper size sketch, but this one is pretty awesome so please check it out! Like many other sketches here, it was drawn exclusively during breaks at work. Because of this, it took a number of months before I finished.

Spring Gallery night show
**show tonight!**
3/29/14, Spring Gallery Night in Fort Worth.
I'll be showing with the Fort Worth Art Collective at 2902 Race Street, #116. Should be fun! I have a few small works on view, they're all pretty recent, with 4 making their debut.

4 new small paintings
I recently finished 4 small paintings! Yay for small victories. These are a bit similar to the other "icon" paintings but are more explicit in highlighting the tension between the human element and the messages/persona we create. I have a grand plan for all of these icon paintings, I swear! I just need the right space to display them. I plan on doing at least 9 more anyway, so we'll have more variety.

New charcoal drawing
I added a new charcoal drawing I did today. It's part of fellow artist Devon Nowlin's Portrait Drawing Trade Project. At some point they'll all be displayed somewhere or another...but for now the project is still underway.
new sketch
I started doing some marker and pen sketches again. These would go quickly, but I usually work on them exclusively on breaks while at work. Nonetheless, sketch38 is uploaded in the drawings>ink section, so enjoy! Like most of the other drawings, I did it using source material that has never quite come in handy for any other project (though they might make appearances in the background of Textual Healing work, you never know).
New work
I uploaded the work I completed for this year's Preservation is the Art of the City show to the "Textual Healing" section. The Icon Collage painting is the largest and is my only contribution to the Main section of the show since it takes up my entire allotted wall space. The 4 miniature "Excerpt" paintings will also be up and are viewable in the same section. Hope everyone enjoys them!
New group show! And a statement about new work.
**new show**
New Texas Talent at Craighead Green in Dallas
August 10th - August 31st
Opening reception Saturday August 10th 5-8pm.
I have one painting up, it's Textual Healing: Big Mess. Hope you can check it out!

It's been a while since I've uploaded images of any new work. But fear not, I've been painting a great deal! I'll have 5 paintings to show hopefully by the middle of August, but don't hold me to that ambitious goal :) One major work and 4 small works to accompany it in principle.
New Group Show
"897 Square" at Gallery 76102 in Fort Worth. It's juried competition where I'll have one piece on display. The piece is the Textual Healing painting called "Women Doing Yoga."
Reception: Thursday June 13th, 6-8pm
Show runs: June 13-July 3
I'll have the "Velvet Elvis Costello" painting on display during this charity auction. It's important to note in this press release that from 6-7 is the $20 preview where you can get a bidding paddle and champagne and so forth. After 7, it's free and open to the public. This is your one chance (unless you buy the painting) to come and see the Velvet Elvis Costello in matador attire!

Copyright 2013 Elizabeth L. Delaney


FRIDAY, MAY 3, 2013
6:00–9:00 p.m.

FORT WORTH, TEXAS, April 5, 2013—Fort Worth art boss Frank Artsmarter is teaming up with William Campbell Contemporary Art to present VELVEASL!, a charity art auction benefitting the Emergency Artists’ Support League (EASL)*. The auction will take place Friday, May 3, from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. at William Campbell Contemporary Art.

A champagne preview with the artists will kick off the event from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. Tickets for this preview are $20 at the door, or may be purchased from William Campbell Contemporary Art before the auction. Each ticket includes an auction catalogue and bidding paddle. Additional catalogues are available for $10 during the event. The auction, from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m., is free and open to the public, and will include an original video piece by Frank Artsmarter.

Not a typical exhibition but an art “challenge,” VELVEASL! features paintings exclusively on velvet, submitted by a variety of local artists. Participating artists include Calvin Abucejo, Greg Bahr, Carol Benson, Christopher Blay, Rachel Bounds, Ann Ekstrom, John Hartley, Billy Hassell, Carol Ivey, Angela Kallus, Nancy Lamb, James Lassen, Ray Liberio, Lorrie McClanahan, Devon Nowlin, Harmony Padgett, Riley Padgett, Elaine Taylor, Brian Scott, and Sierra Velázquez.

VELVEASL! follows the format of Frank Artsmarter’s Thrift Art Gallery Show and Auction, the annual art auction that parodies real-world houses Christie’s and Sotheby’s. For the event, thrift store paintings are given false titles and provenances, and auctioned off live, with a reserve of fifty cents on each. Complemented by a twenty-minute video rife with institutional criticism, the saucy event has shaken up the Fort Worth art scene for thirteen years. This year, it takes the form of VELVEASL! as it seeks to raise funds for artists in need.
Newest painting
"Velvet Elvis Costello" has been uploaded to the to the paintings>various section. It's certainly a fun image, go check it out!
Third Annual Visionary Awards
On March 21st, the Fort Worth Weekly awarded me and 2 others Visionary awards, which is a way of honoring creative pursuits that can't really be presented the way that something like the Fort Worth Music Awards is. Anyway, I'm truly honored by the award!

You can read Anthony Mariani's article about me here, just scroll down a bit:

2013 Spring Gallery Night Show
**2013 Spring Gallery Night showing!**
March 23rd 12-9
Race Street 108
2902 Race Street, Fort Worth 76111
I'll be there probably between 6 and 8, but we'll see!

It's a group show so I'll only have 3 paintings, but they're pretty new.
New painting
I uploaded a new finished painting to the "Textual Healing" section today. Finished it yesterday. Hope you enjoy it!
New show!
Fort Worth Community Arts Center
2/8/13, 6p-9pm
I'll have 4 paintings in a group show here. Come see! One is new (Landscape, the homepage image), another has never been shown that I can remember (3G OD). I will only be in attendance for the last half hour of the evening due to work commitments. So it goes.
Finished uploading work!
All images I wanted to put on this site are finally uploaded. Yay for that! Now to get back to painting.
Still updating the back catalogue
All artwork in the Cellphone Users category as well as charcoal drawings and "Various" paintings have been added. Still have pencil drawings, sketchbook pieces, and commissions left to go. Wish me luck!

Oh and Merry Christmas to you all!
Newest painting completed
My latest painting entitled "Landscape" has been completed and added to the "Textual Healing" page! The painting was very hard to finish, but I managed with a bit of help from a few baby sitters (thanks friends and family!). I also entered into next year's Hunting Art Prize, so wish me luck on that. I'll continue to upload some older pieces when I get the chance, but in the meantime, enjoy this new one!
New website!
Since Apple did away with its "web.mac.com" web hosting services, I've had to find a new website. This seems like a good home so I'm going to continue updating it with images of all of my artwork. I will also post about shows and stuff here as well. Stay tuned!