James Lassen: Paintings and Drawings
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**New Shows for Fall Gallery Night 2016**
Fort Worth Community Arts Center
9/10-9/24, reception on 9/10 from 6-9pm

2913 Crockett St. with Fort Worth Art Collective
9/10-9/13, reception 9/10 from 1-8pm

Hopefully I'll see a few people when me and the family come out to these shows!
**New Paintings**
I put some new paintings in the Textual Healing section of this site. Hope you enjoy them! They're all in preparation for an eventual painting that I plan on making all-encompassing. These new, somewhat small works can be seen at the FWCAC from 9/10-9/24


You can find a photo of Facial Recognition 3 in the "textual healing" section of the site.